how we do work

König Design is a Creative Collective, that means that we are not the typical Creative Agency with huge overheads.

For each job, we put together a team, drawn from a pool of talented professionals, perfectly suited to your and only need. That mean that you do not pay for huge overheads that comes with the regular Creative Agency; with huge staff, and an expensive address in the middle of town.

Our trusted team of professionals is also scaled to your exact needs; small job, small team; big job, big team.

We do not tie you in a Contract, and you always deal directly with the people that are working on your project.
Please see hereunder to read a bit more about us, or alternatively call us; we always enjoy a chat, and would love to answer any questions you might have...

>> The Process [This is what usually happens, and what to expect...]
>> Costing Structure [We cater for small to very big client, and we treat them all equally!]