Costing structure

How much does it cost?
This is the most frequently asked question… And my favourite answer is another question; How much does a car cost?

One can buy a second-hand car for nearly nothing, another can buy a Ferrari for a bit more. Both cars are perfectly suited to the intended owner; according to their specific needs and financial means.

Similarly, we can work with (nearly) any budget; either small or huge. It all depend of what you can afford. With both small and big budgets, we will guarantee you that you will be satisfied. As we always say, there is more than one way to skin a cat, and that is where our creativity, and lateral thinking, comes into play!
Few indicative costs to give you an idea...
>> Logo Design
From as low as $150 to $3,000+ (+ GST)
>> Website Design
[Basic site to fully responsive eCommerce and CMS enabled, and beyond...]
From $1,500 to $20,000+ (+ GST)
>> Business Card Printing
[500 x Full colour one side, AQ varnish, on premium coated stock]
Only $88 (inc GST)