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König Design has been working in Advertising since 1984. While living in Paris, France, Eric Konigsdorfer was head-hunted by numerous prominent advertising agencies, and had his worked displayed all over Paris' walls, billboards and newspapers.
Since living in Australia, Eric has worked with the Graphic Industry at large, developing an intimate knowledge of its players, until he created König Design in 2004.
I love advertising (when it is done well!). When I was a teenager, I used to watch an annual show called La Nuit Des Publivores (The Night of the AdEaters). Created since 1981, La Nuit Des Publivores is a show dedicated to showing the production of advertising among 60 different nationalities on the Big Screen and in a crazy atmosphere! Expect people to come dressed-up, shout, laugh out loud, boo, and more… With over 500 ads shown in around 4-5 hours, this is the ultimate test of endurance for any ad lover! And today, I still love this show!

Good advertising is not that common, bad advertising in the other hand… and like they say; the proof is in the pudding. If the product, does not sell better after a Campaign has been generated, however how clever it is, then the advert has failed you.

We have offered advice to multiple companies, big and small, that can all testify of the clear benefits, breath of marketing and brand knowledge offered by König Design.

König Design
also consults and designs campaign strategies for major businesses, write screenplays for TV adverts, write and direct TV and radio adverts, design press campaigns and releases, organise and manage events, and more.

Whether you need your Identity or Brand developed, or an advertising Campaign created, König Design can help you.

Advertisers are often too good at selling themselves… König Design does not hard-sell an idea for a new campaign, rather, we believe that if the idea is strong enough, it will speak for itself, and you will be convinced that it will work for you, as much I we believe it will. We are not pushy, and we believe in what we produce.

Another thing… we will not lock you into a contract. We believe that we live in a free country, and that you too should remain free to leave us if you do not believe in what we produce anymore. We have a gentleman's agreement with all our clients since 2004, we never felt the need to lock anyone in, and the vast majority of our clients do not feel the need to leave us.

Advertising is a language, and like any conversation, it is not what you say but how you say it that matters. Your message has to be clear, it also has to be attractive and stand-out as to be noticed and remembered. We are bombarded by advertising messages everyday, all day, and often in ways that we do not even suspect. In all this 'white noise' good advertising is effective advertising; advertising that sells.

Please contact us for more information on your more specific needs for Advertising and Identity.