Bespoke Awards & Trophies

König Design has been commissioned to design, and fabricate, numerous bespoke pieces for Awards, Trophies, or display.
We can design and create any type of Award and Trophy, in any material, and for any type of occasion.
These unique pieces are designed, only for your unique event.
König Design can produce any type of bespoke Awards, Trophies and showpieces.

We have once been asked to duplicate an existing piece, already in the client's building. The problem, was that the piece was embedded in the wall, and could not be taken out for close examination and measurements. We had to measure and survey this uniques piece, made from a very rare Australian timber, right from the wall. Once done, we sourced the rare timber in a yard in NSW, shipped in back in Perth, got it cut and prepared to exactly match the original. The copy was 99.9% the equal of the original, to the total delight of our bemused customer.

Bespoke Awards and Trophies can be very beautiful, and sometimes can be assimilated to sculptures. Many Awards are indeed commissioned to professional sculptors. Sculpture is a branch of the visual arts, as much as Graphic Design is.

König Design, designs, supply, fabricates, and install all type of Awards, Trophies and Display signs.

Please contact us for more information on your more specific needs for Awards & Trophies.
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Catholic Education Office
Award of Excellence

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Holy Cross College
Sports' Trophies

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Sacred Heart College
Performing Art Centre's Cross