INternet solutions

König Design has been designing websites since the late 90s.

We love website design because it is a unique platform that marries all visual communication mediums, from text, pictorials, music, animation, movies. It is creatively, a very rewarding and exciting medium.

Today, website design is a lot more complicated than when I first dabbed with it. It is now far beyond the scope of one person to deal with alone. Now days, the skills and talent of several professionals are used to put together most websites.
The different areas of expertise involved in web design include graphic design; interface and navigation design; authoring (coding); user experience design; and search engine optimization (SEO).

There is different level of sophistication id website produced, and not all websites needs to be crazy complicated, or using the latest technology. A bit like a car, there is nothing wrong with a car that allows you to go safely from point A to B. And on another end, there is the Ferrari of website design.

The most common needs for a website, are actually fairly simple to technically engineer.

BUT, where the real skill lies, is on the user experience. How easy a website is to navigate is a major key to its success. In today's disposable/instant society, we want it all and now. Nobody will stay on your website if it takes them more the a nano second to find what they are after.

We still see numerous website, created from major institution, that are incredibly painful to use. Today, there is no excuse for making things that hard!

At König Design, we pride ourselves with creating technically sound, visually pleasing, and easy to navigate websites. Your website will look great, will work great, and people will be able to really use it as the marketing tool it is, while having fun! this is bound to make your company look good, surely!

The process in creating a website is detailed here, and cost varies greatly but could be said to be between $1,500 to $20,000+ (+ GST).

König Design can design and supply any type of websites; from eCommerce, to Content Management Systems (CMS), Securised payment (SSL encription), etc…

Content Management Systems (CMS) is increasingly becoming the norm, and client's want to have the flexibility, time and cost-saving option of updating their website themselves. But with power, comes responsibility, and updating the content of your website might need a full-time staff, and a fair bit of your IT department's time.

Please contact us for more information on your more specific needs for Website Design.