Print management

König Design is a One-Stop shop, and all of our client trust us to source the best Printing supplier suited to the job at hand.

No printers are equipped to produce ALL type of jobs you might be needing.

By not being tied-up with any Print suppliers, König Design has the flexibility to alway pick the best equipped supplier for the job, and/or most able to deliver on your deadline.

Our Printing Management is
always on time, and on-budget.

Eric Konigsdorfer of König Design has been involved in the Graphic and Printing Industries since 1984, and has an intimate knowledge of its different players, having been the Vice-President of the Printing Executive Association. Eric also serves as a Guest Judge in different Design Competitions and Awards.

As stated earlier, Production is usually sub-contracted according to the type of final product, deadline, and quality needed by the client. König Design is using well trusted firms, with impeccable quality of work, and complete reliability. König Design, not being bound in using any specific supplier, is therefore free to only select the best man for the job, in terms of price, quality, and speed of delivery.
The unique relationship that König Design enjoys with the industry, allows us to offer our client, the best possible value for money, also saving you the hassle to have to source the most suited production houses yourself.

Advantages to Sub-Contracting:
Any given Production House, just cannot be equipped to produce everything one might need. Some of the work have to be, eventually sub-contracted outside. König Design only sub-contract the Production side of a design/artwork; be it a printer, sign maker, banner/large posters, some web application etc...

The advantages of only dealing with König Design, for artwork and production, are that the client often does not have the time, or expertise, to chase-up the best production house, for any given job, in terms of price, quality and deadlines.
Organising quotes, liaising between the Graphic Designer and the Printer (for example), or sorting-out technical and/or delivery problems between one and another, etc.. all takes time, and generally is not within the scope of expertise of our clients.
König Design can save you, time and money, in shielding you from production issues, and pressures.

König Design, not being bound in using any specific supplier, is therefore free to only select the best “man-for-the-job”, in terms of price, quality, and speed of delivery.

All our existing clients generally entrust König Design for the whole production process, to save them the time to attend into their respective areas of expertise. Resulting in great benefits, and flexibility, for our clientele.

Please contact us for more information on your more specific needs for Printing Management.