Signs and wayfinding

Signs are any kind of visual graphics created to display information to a particular audience.

Society need sign ages; without it you would not find your way to work, you would not know when your local shop's opening times, could not find the toilets at the movies, and let's not even talk about finding your way in an airport without signs and way finding!

Signs are on corporate vehicles, shop fronts, buildings, etc

Way finding are signs that help you find your way in a city, or in a building. Whether you need to label the rooms in your school, or place maps at strategic point on your campus, we can help!
Signs and Way finding is indispensable to be able to orient yourself in a building's space and navigate from place to place.

Signs can be very basic (read cheap) and still do a job great. Signs can also be very intricate and sophisticated.

Wayfinding defines the user experience of orientation and choosing a path within a built environment. Without wayfinging, you get lost. To be successful, König Design always works closely with the architect in charge of designing the building or environment's navigation design.

We usually first meet, together with the architect and the client, to assess the client's needs and wants, as well as interpreting with the architect what the environment or building spatial arrangement does require for an effective navigation.

We then prepare a message schedule highlighting location and message content for each and every signs needed. Signs would be designed, to be practical and pleasing, as well as to be fitting with the spatial language of the building, and its function.

Many building also require a more elaborate type of signs; and architectural bespoke signs to label the space. These signs are unique, and fabricated as one-offs, to any specifications, designs, and requests. These signs can be very creative, beautiful, and sometimes can be assimilated to urban sculptures.

König Design, designs, supply fabricates, and install all type of signs, and wayfinding, for any type of building or space.

Please contact us for more information on your more specific needs for Signs & Wayfinding.